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2019-06-21 10:54:28

Computer Programming Technologies - Expert Coders

There are many computer programming technologies. Many of these technologies overlap. In other words, you can do the same thing without really knowing all of them. For example, Python Flask and Node.js both have similar capabilities, they are just different languages. Many new computer programmers get overwhelmed by thinking they need to know all technologies, when all they really need to know, at least starting out, are just a few of the more common ones. Below many technologies are listed, however knowing about ten of them well can make you a very successful programmer.

Express.JS ABAP ActionScript Ada ADF ADK AdMob Adobe Air Adobe CQ Adobe Software Engineers Agavi Agile AI Engineers Airbnb Ajax Alfresco Amazon API Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Android Android SDK Angular AngularJS Ansible Apache Apache Click Apache Cordova Apache OFBiz Apache Shale Apache Sling Apache Struts 2 Apache Tapestry Apache Wicket Apex API Appcelerator AppExchange AppFuse Apple App Store ArcGIS Arch Linux Arduino ARM ASP.NET ASP.NET Dynamic Data ASP.NET MVC Asterisk Augmented Reality Aurelia Authorize.Net Automation Developers AWK AWS Azure Babel Backbone.js Back-End Developers bada Banshee Basecamp Bash BFC Big Data Architects Bing Maps Bitcoin BlackBerry Blender Blockchain BlueBream Bluetooth BoonEx Bootstrap Bottle Brew Brutos Framework BuddyPress Business Intelligence C C# C++ CakePHP Camping Carma CartoDB Cassandra Catalyst Caveman2 CFWheels Chatbot CherryPy Chrome Extension Developers Cisco Engineers CiviCRM Clarion Clojure Cloud Engineers CMS COBOL Cocoa CodeIgniter CoffeeScript Cognos ColdBox Platform ColdFusion ColdSpring Core Java Corona SDK CppCMS CRM Cross-Platform Crystal Reports CSLA CSS CTOs CubicWeb CUDA Cython D D3.js Dancer Database Developers Data Scientists DB2 Debian Deep Learning Experts Demandware DevExpress DevOps Engineers DirectX Django Dojo DotNetNuke Dropbox Drupal eBay API Eclipse Eclipse RAP ECMAScript 6 eCommerce EDI Elasticsearch Electron Elgg Elixir Embedded Software Engineers Ember.js Erlang ERP Ethereum Ethereum Smart Contract ETL Evernote Excel Expedia ExpressionEngine Ext JS F# Facebook Ads Facebook API Fat-Free FileMaker Financial Software Developers Firebase Fitbit Flash Flask Flex FormEngine Fortran FoxPro FPGA FreeBSD Freelance Developers Friendster Front-End Developers FuelPHP Full Stack Developers Fusebox Game Developers Gentoo GIMP GIS GitHub Gmail Go Engineers Google AdWords Google Analytics Google API Google App Engine Google Checkout Google Docs Google Drive Google Glass Google Latitude Google Maps Google Play Google Sites Google Software Engineers Google Storage Google Web Toolkit Grails GraphQL Grok Groovy Groupon Gulp Experts Hadoop Hamlets Happstack Haskell Hazaar MVC Heroku HFT hi5 Hibernate HTML5 Hybrid App Developers Hybris Hyperledger iAd iBeacon iCloud IMS Informatica Infusionsoft Instagram API Ionic iOS iPad iPhone App Development IT ItsNat Jade Java Java EE JavaScript JavaServer Faces JBoss JBoss Seam JIRA JMS jQuery JSP Jspx-bay Julia JVx Kajona Kindle Knockout.js Kohana Kotlin Kubernetes Experts LabVIEW LAMP Laravel Layar Leap Motion Lift Lightning LinkedIn API Linux Lithium LMS Lotus Notes Lua Mach-II Machine Learning Engineers Magento MailChimp MapQuest Mason MATLAB Maya Maypole MEAN Stack Developers Mega Merb Meteor Microsoft Microsoft Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Kinect Mobile App Developers Mobile Developers Model-Glue MODx Mojolicious Moneybookers MongoDB Mono MonoRail Moodle MS SQL Developers MySQL Nagare Neo4j .NET NetBSD NetSuite Nette Framework Nexus Node.js nopCommerce NumPy Objective-C OCaml Octave Oculus Rift Offshore Developers OneDrive OpenBSD OpenCart OpenCV OpenERP OpenGL OpenLaszlo OpenRasta OpenSocial OpenStack OpenUI5 OpenXava Oracle Oracle ADF Oracle Forms Oracle SQL osCommerce Outsourced Developers Padrino Pandas Parse PayPal Pebble Perl Phalcon Phoenix PhoneGap Photoshop PHP phpBB PHPfox PHPixie Play Plone PL/SQL Pocket Poco POS PostgreSQL PowerBuilder PRADO PrestaShop Prezi Prototype Protractor PureMVC Pyjs Pylons PyObjC PyQt Pyramid Python QA Engineers QlikView Qt Quantitative QuickBase QuickBooks R Rackspace Ractive.js Raspberry Pi React.js React Native Remote Developers Responsive Web Developers RIFE Robotics Engineers RSS Ruby Ruby on Rails Rust RxJS SaaS Saetta Web Server Sails.js Salesforce Salesforce1 SAS Sass SCADA Scala Scalatra Scientific Software Developers Selenium Sencha Touch SharePoint Shopify Silex Silverlight SilverStripe Sinatra Sitecore Sitefinity Slack Smart Contract Smarty SMS Snap SOA Socket.IO Software Developers Solaris SOLIDWORKS Spark Spotify Spree Commerce Spring Spring Boot SQL SQL CLR SQL Server SSIS Stripe Stripes Struts SugarCRM SUN SVG Sybase Symbian Symfony Sys Admins System Security Developers Tableau TACTIC Takes Technical Writers Telerik TensorFlow Teradata ThinWire TIBCO Titanium Tizen Tntnet TokBox Tornado Tumblr TurboGears Twilio Twitter Twitter Bootstrap TypeScript TYPO3 TYPO3 Flow Uber Ubuntu UI Umbraco UML Unified.js Unity Unreal Engine Unix UX Vaadin VBA VB.NET vBulletin Velocity Vibe.d Vimeo Vine Virtual Reality Visio Visual Basic Visualforce Visual Studio VMware Engineers VoIP Engineers Volusion VRaptor VSS vTiger Vue.js Vuforia Wavemaker web2py Web Developers WebKit WebObjects webOS WebRTC WebSphere Webware WebWork Weebly WHMCS Windows Windows Phone WinForms WooCommerce WordPress Wowza WPF Wt Xamarin Xbox Xcode Xero XML XNA XP Yahoo! Software Engineers Yahoo! Store Yelp API Yesod Yii Yii 2 YouTube API Ze Framework Zend Zendesk ZK Zope 2 ztemplates

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