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ESP32 Low Cost, Low Power System on a Chip

2020-03-25 12:04:55

ESP32 Low Cost, Low Power System on a Chip - Expert Coders

The ESP32 is low cost, low power, system on a chip. It can be connected directly with a WIFI modem or through Bluetooth. It has several pins that can be configured for both analog and digital inputs. It is perfect for bringing sensor data in from the physical world and uploading the data to the Internet. At Expert Coders we are experts at programming the ESP32. We can also build your cloud server to display your information over the Internet. If you prefer a desktop app to view your data, we can do that too. Finally, at a cost as to the time of this blog post of 2 for $15, you cant beat the price.

The ESP32 is great because it can be paired with a mobile hot spot or sim card router to upload your data from remote locations. Mobile hot spots are reliable, and readily available. They are also relatively cheap. You can also stay up to date simply be switching out modems. This is a great way to go because 2g and 3g wireless technologies are about to become obsolete, and 5g as of this writing isn't here yet. Using WIFI for uploading your data is the way to go.

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