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Full Stack Development Services

2019-05-10 17:41:13

Full Stack Development Services

With the ever-growing internet community, the need for full stack development services is on the increase. Hold up, do you even understand what full stack development service is? Well, if not, then this article is at your best interest. Let’s take a look at how this service will help grow your business. In addition, you will also learn the reason why you should work with our expert coder's full stack development team.  

What is Full Stack Development Services?

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word full stack developer is ‘that is probably another web developer’. The simply dismisses the weight of Full stack development as a simple task. But a full stack developer’s job is more complex than what we tend to imagine.

From a textbook description, a full stack developer is a person who will be able to perform work such as the implementation of the front end of your website, communicating with web services and at the same time providing the storage back end services.

Full stack Development is a web development technique that involves knowledge of both front end and back end applications.

It’s important to note that today you will easily get a person who can ideally give you such services. However, the catch is that you will not get the full expert services you need. It’s a rare thing to find a company with experts who have a deep understanding of those areas.

Most Full stack developers tend to have a shallow understanding of the concept. One of the major reasons is that they typically concentrate on only selected areas, but Full stack development is more than that. For you to qualify as an expert, you need to have enough in-depth knowledge of all sectors of full stack development.


What services will you be getting when you hire our Full Stack Development Team?

From the description above, there are tons of applications in your business for a full stack developer. But before you decide to hire one, let’s look at some of the ways our Expert Coders team will improve your company:


1.     UI / UX Development

UI and UX are possibly the most confusing terms in the internet world. And that’s because both terms almost mean the same thing. More to that, UI and UX can be viewed as one entity. It’s quite hard to have a solid difference between the two terms.

UI design basically means user interface design. What’s more, this is the layout of any application. The UI majorly consists of buttons that the user can click on, texts that the user can read, images, text field entries and other items that users interact with.

This will also include the screen transitions, layout, animations and every micro-interaction on the surface of an application. Any sort of visual or animated element that needs development fall in this section.

UI designers can be classified as graphic designers. It’s up to the UI designer to make the application as visually attractive as possible. The theme and purpose of the application should match the needs of the users. They also have to make sure that every single element feels united in both purpose and aesthetic.

On the other hand, UX describes the user experience. In this section, the user experience can be determined by how difficult it is to interact with the designed elements. Additionally, a user’s experience is usually determined by their interaction with the application. That will depend on whether the experience is intuitive or smooth.

At expert coders, our full stack development team have the ability to ensure both the UI and UX elements of your application run as smoothly as possible. The UI determines how the application looks while UX determines how the application works. Both these elements will affect the functionality and effectiveness of your web interface, software, application or any other program that requires user interaction.

With our Full stack development services, you will get the chance to enhance both performances in your software and optimize it. Our full-stack developers will ensure both elements work flawlessly and are perfectly aligned with any of user expectations hence creating an excellent user experience.


2.     Back End Services

Back end services are simply handling what happens in the ‘back scenes’ of a web application. This is generally the code that connects the web to a database, powers the web application and manages the user’s connection.

Basically, our back end developer will create the code that will make your website tick. This part of your website will however not be visible to the user. Nonetheless, it exists and contributes a lot to the functionality of any website.

For instance, our back end developer will create the code that makes a button work through figuring out what database is to be fetched by the user. The part where the button will be displayed for the user to click it is left for the front end developer. In most cases, back end developers spend a lot of their time-solving problems and implementing algorithms.

Now, when it comes to Full stack developer, he or she should also have the knowledge of back end services. Meaning, when you hire a stack developer from our team, you will be able to get this service and more. You don’t have to settle for only a back end developer since you will also need other services. That is why looking for a full stack developer from Expert Coders will help you a lot.

He or she will be able to handle both the back end element, front end and UI / UX part of your application. Continue reading and I’ll show you more services that our full stack developer is capable of offering you.


3.     DevOps Services

This is a set of services that involves a combination of both technological operations and software development. The term literally stands for Development (Dev) and operations (Ops). However, this term can mean a lot of things to different people in the online community.

DevOps will help increase an organization’s speed to deliver services and applications. This allows organizations to serve customers better and at the same time compete strongly in the entire market.

An Expert Coders full stack developer is able to increase software velocity using DevOps to effectively execute the whole process. Since our team is well qualified and well experienced, the full stack developer will achieve faster time to market using DevOps.

What’s more, the Expert Coders developer is able to juggle more than one task including coding, integrating and testing your software. It’s all about solving your organization process and improving your business process.


4.     Web Development and Integration

Web development and integration basically involve the process of creating an entire website while at the same time connecting all the outputs that are involved in carrying out the entire process. If the process is done right, the website will have a responsive and interactive effect on the clients.

As a team of professionals, at expert coders, we take time to ensure your website is well developed and interactive. We look at the bigger picture, create your website then plan on appropriate solutions. These solutions will carefully balance the need and the design against the technological requirement.

Our designers and engineers are able to bridge the gap between function and form by actively working together throughout the entire project. This development and integration will, in the end, nurture the goals to your project which will result in a more complete and wholesome solution to your needs.

From the birth of your idea to the implementation and integration of your entire website, our team will ensure a smooth transition and supervision of the entire process. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty while spending endless nights in the office just to ensure everything you need in on schedule. Our designs go above and beyond the regular practices and deliverables.

5.     Networking Application & Dashboard

Does your company need a serious networking application? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As a Full Stack Company, our team is happy to use their expertise to ensure you have the best secure and stable network for your organization. Not only will the networking system ensure a smooth ride, but it will also allow your employees the chance to easily identify with your company.

We can craft real-time applications and networks for your projects that will be safe and have a minimal tendency. Don’t settle for anything less! Let us give you the best of our expertise and you will reap the fruits.

6.     ERP &CMS Development

At expert Coders, you get the chance to hire a full stack developer who can help you craft your CMS and ERP. The services you get will be quick, reliable and well facilitated with an intuitive UI. In most cases, the ERP systems are designed for large enterprises that need to handle very large amounts of data. Such data include customer billings and goods.

In case you are still wondering, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. With an ERP system, you get several small modules that are designed for the purpose of managing the entire enterprise. These modules can be used as a system for accounting, storing, finance, as well as supply management.

These modules, however, are connected to a single database despite the fact that they appear independently. ERP systems do not need any other modules in order to function. I’d say that ERP systems are like desktop applications that are connected to the company’s internal network.

On the other hand, CMS stands for Content Management systems. CMS is a major module in the ERP system although it also operates completely separately. In most enterprises, the CMS system is used to manage the content or a company on their website. Through the CMS, you get to either delete, add or even change any content from their webpage. Also, they can new features or any other user management.

CMS and ERP systems are perfect for any large enterprise. That is why you need to engage our team of experts in getting the best services for your website.   


7.     Full Stack Porting and Migration Services

Our Expert Coders team can also help you to perform porting as well as migration across the Full Stack Technologies Host. This will ensure that you have no compatibility issues with your new host. Expert coders, full stack developers can make the ideal backbone for your core migration team.

That is because, in the past years, we have made migration between a couple of OS systems that involve layers of both hardware and software stack. The Expert Coders full stack development team understands that porting and migration needs to be done in an intensive and complex approach. Hence, they ensure that they implement this process through an integrated approach.

Our team understands that your business needs to be running 24/7 in an uninterrupted environment. In that case, our main goal is to ensure that the porting process is complete and well integrated into your new system in the new platform.

Why should you work with Expert Coders Full Stack Development Team?

Without a doubt, we have the best team in the business. Full stack development is more than what most people tend to believe. Our team understands that hence you will get the best services. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

·       Skilled and dedicated developers: we are able to develop your project with Python, Flask, Apache, and MySQL. Meaning you will get a responsive software, application or website hence enhancing your customer experience.


·       Reasonable Price: At expert coders, we offer our services at a considerable price without compromising the quality of your expertise.


·       Solve your problem: Our team will listen to your problem and analyze the best solution. Additionally, we offer several strategies you can resolve the problem.


·       A long list of satisfied clients: At expert coders, we take it upon ourselves to stay updated hence providing solutions in a wide range of technologies. From user-friendly applications to secure and scalable websites.

In Summary…

Well, there you have it! At expert coders, we offer premium services that will definitely improve your project or business. No need to worry about the coding part of your project. Let us take care of your ‘headache’. So, what are you waiting for?

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