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MicroPython - The new language of micro-controllers

2020-03-25 12:29:29

MicroPython - The new language of micro-controllers - Expert Coders

MicroPython is a scaled down implementation of Python3. It is a relatively new language that is built for micro-controllers and small Internet of Things (IOT) devices. MicroPython is used on devices such as the PyBoard, XBEE radios, ESP32 board, ESP8266 Board, and more.
MicroPython's Role in the Internet of Things
The boards that I mentioned above are great boards for implementing IOT (Internet of Things) projects. Most of all, they all are capable of utilyzing MicroPython. MicroPython, for some projects, is a great language for programming the micro-processors that are used for IOT projects. MP can do almost everything c-based micro-processor programming languages like Arduino, but with much less development time.
MicroPython License
MicroPython is MIT licensed software. That means it is compatible for commercial use without having to disclose source code or having to pay fees. This is not the case for languages like Arduino, which is also free to use but comes with the burden of having to make your source code available.
We are MicroPython Programmers
We at Expert Coders are expert microPython developers. We have been designing data acquisition, and IOT systems for years. We can design and build everything you need from the board, database and the server. Let us help you get your IOT project up and running.

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