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Software Development Tools that We Use

2019-05-11 08:29:09

Software Development Tools that We Use - Expert Coders

Every skilled workman is a master of the best tools of his trade. The same is true for great organization. They make use of the best tools for delivering their products and services and are master of those tools. They also staff the best people to use those tools. When you want to purchase their products or services, you can be sure that they have put in topnotch efforts into it.

At, we’re no different. As a matter of fact we’re even better and ahead of the pack. We make use of some of the best technologies for delivering the products and services we offer. When it comes to the development of any kind of software – whether it’s a desktop app, web app, mobile or any other kind of app you can think of – we employ the best technologies for building that software.

In this article we will highlight some of the technologies we use here at for creating the software applications we make. Please note that we have used the terms tools, technologies and libraries interchangeably in some places.

It must be emphasized here that the list that follows does not cover all of the technologies we use. It only covers some. This is because in the software development industry, there are so many technologies for creating different applications or even functions of the applications. Sometimes you will have to employ different technologies for creating just one app. The following lists simply touches on some of the main or major technologies we use. There is much to be said about each of these technologies but we will limit how much we say about them to how they’re useful to you.

So, over to the technologies:

Python: Python is our top-line language of choice. (In the course of this article you will come across one or two more languages for carrying out specific development function.) Python is a general or all purpose cross-platform programming language. It is one of the most popular and versatile programming language. It is used across a wide variety of industries. One area where it’s best used is in the AI or Artificial Intelligence fields. Python’s design pattern emphasizes code readability.

While we will not go into all the details about Python in this article (you can read about it in this article on python on this website [link to article]), it is important to note that the fact we use Python as our major programming language is beneficial to all of our clients. And some reasons for this include the fact that because of Python’s general purpose and cross-platform nature and widespread use across several industries, we can develop applications across all field and those applications will run on multiple platforms and Operating Systems. So whatever your field or the operating system you are aiming at, you are covered.

Also, Python readability simply means that its code can be maintained by anyone proficient in the language. It is unlike some other programming languages whose codes are not that readable and as a result sometimes confuse even the programmer who wrote them. (This sometimes is not a very big problem, thanks to code commenting, but it does pose problems in some cases). Since we follow best practices you can have you code maintained by any proficient programmer.

It must be noted, however, that the best person to manage or maintain your applications are those who created it. Nevertheless, someone else can do same.

Enough said of Python!

Web Applications Technologies:

For web applications we make use of several technologies as this field is one that has many technologies designed for doing many tasks. But some of those technologies are as follow:


Web Frameworks:

For web frameworks, we make use Django, flask, pyramid and several others. The reason for this is that each of these web frameworks is best suited for some specific purposes.

Django for example is posed as a web framework that perfectionists who need to meet a deadline use. It’s about the best choice for creating websites that are content oriented among other uses. Instagram, Dropbox and YouTube are prominent examples of sites made with Django.

Flask is known to be a “microframework” for Python and is best suited for building or creating smaller applications, web services and APIs.

So depending on your needs, we have the best web frameworks for it.


Frontend Development Technologies:

Frontend technologies are essential for designing a great User Interface (UI) and giving your customers a great User Experience (UX). For frontend development we make use of ES6 JavaScript (which has now evolved into a full-stack web app development language) and its related technologies and frameworks – Ajax, AngularJs, JQuery, ReactJs (for web frontend) and React-Native (for beautiful mobile frontend) and others. We also make extensive use of HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS and several others.



When creating any server side application, you must make use of databases. There are many databases for building great applications but we make use of some of the best as most just overlap in function. We make use of MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB and others. During development, we make use of Sqlite 3. This is a free lightweight database best suited for development purpose.


Mobile and Desktop Applications Development:

So much of the work people do are done on desktops or mobile devices. Developing for these devices is a must and we stand out in this area. For both mobile and desktop software development we make use of a number of technologies including but not limited to Qt framework and Kivy. These are great for building any application for both desktops and mobile screens.

Qt (pronounced as ‘cute’) is an open source toolkit used in the creation of cross-platform applications that run on multiple software and hardware. These could be embedded systems or Android, Mac OS, Linux or Windows. It is also used in designing GUIs (or Graphical User Interfaces). It is usually classified among native widget tools as the majority of GUIs/applications developed with it have a native looking interface.  

Kivy: This is another open source, cross-platform technology for non web apps development. Its basic focus and strength is in building mobile and multi touch apps software that have an NUI or Natural User Interface. These apps can run on Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.



Testing and debugging is an essential phase and component of the development cycle. This is one phase that makes a big difference between a great app and a problematic app. Never contract a developer that doesn’t test and debug their codes or applications.

For testing we make use of a number of great technologies but topmost on the list is Selenium. It’s our default technology for testing web applications. Tests written in Selenese (the domain specific language provided by Selenium) can be written in any of the popular programming languages. These include Scala, Ruby, Python, PHP, and C#. With this tool we write functional tests that can be run against the majority of web browsers.


Version Control

Version control is important to us at so we employ a number of version control technologies including Git, Mercurial and Veracity to name a few. These technologies are open-source, robust, flexible and fast. Veracity has Agile Software Development and Bug Tracking tools included in it.

With these tools, all changes to your application are noted and stored and should there be a need for some kind of revision, you can be sure you will not be disappointed.


Web Scraping Technologies

Web Scraping is an important topic for businesses as it plays an important role in marketing, competitor monitoring and others. For web scraping we make use of several technologies that depend on the particular data type you want scraped but the most used of those technologies is Beautiful Soup.

Beautiful Soup: This is the most sophisticated and advanced library for web scraping and is designed in Python. It is used for parsing content from within the HTML container of websites that do not offer any APIs.  


Scientific, Technical and Engineering Computing

Apps and software intended for scientific and technical computing are not left out. We employ a wide range of technologies and libraries in this area including SciPy, NumPy, MatplotLib, and Pandas etc. These all come under the SciPy project umbrella and are open source libraries for engineering, science and math.


Modbus Libraries

For use with Modbus in enabling communications between a network of several connected computers we employ some of the best Python libraries which include uModBus, Modbus-tk, MinimalModbus, and PyModbus.


We have not detailed all or any of the technologies we employ in creating great software applications for you. The list of libraries, tools and technologies we use is rather vast. We have only mentioned a few and said very little of the few mentioned. The whole idea here is just to assure you that whatever you need in an application, we have and are masters of the technologies that are needed to build them.

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