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"The software you built has made mud logging less stressful, enjoyable and flat out easy!" -Customer


Mike Cunningham

About Us

Situated in the heart of Jacksonville, Texas, Expert Coders is a beacon of software development innovation. Led by the passion and expertise of its founder, Mike Cunningham, Expert Coders boasts over two decades of commitment to excellence in the software realm.

Mike's vast experience as a lead developer has catered to a diverse array of industries—from the intricate domains of oil and gas, automotive, and healthcare to the expansive arenas of general business. He has carved a niche in virtual instrumentation, data acquisition, and process control, always leveraging cutting-edge technologies to craft bespoke software solutions.

At Expert Coders, Mike offers a unique blend of personalized attention and technical prowess. As the sole programmer, he ensures each project is handled with precision and dedication, turning your software visions into reality. Entrust Expert Coders with your next software development journey, and experience the difference of tailored expertise.