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Over the years we have completed many software projects. Here are a few of them:

Drilling Software

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Software.

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Software

We built software to continuously monitor depth, lag depth, pump strokes (three pumps), gas, chromatography, and on/off bottom status. We also built a live version of the software to operate over the Internet. Additionally, the software was had real-time graphing and plotting capabilities. The software was WITS Level 0 compatible and communicated with other systems accross the drilling location. Finally, the software acquired data from instrumentation (That we designed).

EPS Pump Tester Software Interface

EPS Tester Software Interface

Downhole Electrical Submersible Pump Tester

We build the software interface and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for an electrical submersible pump testing unit. In addition to controlling the machine, our software connected to a MySql database (the we built). The database held current pump tests as well as the ideal pump efficiencies published by the pump manufacturers. We created a graphical system to overlay the actual pressure and power curves onto the manufacturers published curves in order to determine if the tested pumps were within acceptable tolerance levels.

Website for marketing vehicles and dealers

Website for Marketing Used Vehicles

Website for Marketing Used Vehicles

We used Python anf Flask to develop a marketing site for vehicle dealers and their vehicles. The site would display vehicles and allow logged in users to see pictures and various information about the vehicles. It would also give the dealers contact information, allow the user to contact the dealer online, and displayed the distance from the users address to the dealers address. The software would also allow the user to search by vehicle. This search would list all vehicles that met the users search criteria. Finally, the software generated various reports for both the dealers and the owners of the website.

Stock Picker

Twitter Stock Picker Software

Twitter Stock Picker Software

We build a proprietary application that used the Twitter API, the Wall Street Journal, and past stock prices to pick stocks. because of its proprietary nature, I cannot disclose the methodology used, but it was a large program that crunched a massive amount of data.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

Wireless Factory Automation (Xbee and Arduino)

We devised a system to count items entering and exiting multiple conveyor belts and have those counts transmit wirelessly by multiple XBee radios to a collector board that was powered by an Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno would collect the counts from around the factory, identify which location the counts were sent from, and transmit the counts via an http request over a cellular modem connection to a server. We then built a login screen for the owners on various plants to log-in and view the various counts from their perspective factory.

Stock Picker

We develop XBee projects

Other Software

We have developed many other projects over the years. Here is a partial listing:

  • Binance Crypto Currency Automatic Trader
  • Proprietary CRM
  • Web Scraper and Emailer for Real Estate Inspector
  • Email Scraper
  • WITS Streamer For HP Chromatograph
  • Motor Testing Software
  • Management Software For Backflow Company
  • Modifications to Shopify Site
  • Management Software For Backflow Company
  • Software to Automate Stock Trading (International Brokers Platform)
  • Many More

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